Receiving Delays into LDB Warehouses for Select Import Products



Date: March 20, 2019

To: Wholesale Customers

Re: Update: Receiving delays into LDB warehouse for select import products (Regular, Stocked-Spec and Third-Party Stocked Spec products)

The following is an update to the information LDB Wholesale provided on March 6, 2019 regarding one of our major third-party warehouse partners experiencing operational challenges.

Unfortunately, the issues experienced by our warehouse partner have not been resolved and the LDB continues to experience delays in receiving import products, including regular, stocked-spec, and third-party stocked spec. In turn, a number of customer orders are being delayed or cancelled.

Most recently, the agent warehouse has requested that LDB Wholesale restrict the amount of orders placed over the next few weeks so that the warehouse partner can work through their back-log. This request may cause further impacts to your orders.  

We apologize for this inconvenience and want to assure our customers that we continue to work with our agent warehouse partner to provide the necessary support to work through the challenges and bring delivery timelines back to standard.

Until then, we encourage customers to keep a close eye on all orders. If you are notified of a cancelled sales order for non-stock spec products, please re-order.

We will continue to keep customers updated on this situation and look forward to providing a timeline for the resolution of these issues.


Thank you,


LDB Wholesale Operations