New Change in Deposit Value Effective October 1, 2020


Further to the industry-wide communication from Encorp Pacific dated July 3, 2020, please remember that effective October 1, 2020, the deposit value for all beverage containers greater than 1 litre registered in the Return-It system will be decreased from 20 cents to 10 cents. Beverage containers 1 litre and under will remain at 10 cents. 

This also means customers will only pay 10 cents deposit on all beverage containers greater than 1 litre starting October 1, 2020.  

While the 10-cent deposit will be charged to consumers effective October 1, 2020, a transition period for consumers to receive the 20-cent refund will be in effect until October 11, 2020 inclusive.  After that time and on October 12, 2020 consumers will be charged 10 cents and refunded 10 cents for all beverage containers irrespective of size.

More details on deposits by container type effective October 1, 2020 are available on the Encorp Pacific website at

Please remember to make the appropriate changes to your internal information systems to reflect the approved changes. 

If you require additional information, please contact Encorp Pacific directly at