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Data Services

Vendor Data Services

The LDB collects wholesale data and provides a data service to vendors and domestic suppliers operating in B.C. There are various reports and pre-paid subscriptions available to vendors. Please review the options below. 

Liquor Market Review

The Liquor Market Review provides provincial sales through the Wholesale channel for beer, refreshment beverages, spirits and wine. The market review is produced four times per year for reporting periods ending in March, June, September and December. Download the Liquor Market Review.

Hospitality Liquor Market Review

The Hospitality Liquor Market Review provides provincial sales to Hospitality customers (restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, etc.) from all channels for beer, refreshment beverages, spirits and wine.  The hospitality review is produced four times per year for reporting periods ending in March, June, September and December. Download the Hospitality Liquor Market Review.

Product Activity and Pricing 

The LDB produces a Product Activity Report (PAR) and vendor specific Wholesale and Retail Price Lists available for download from our reports tab on our vendor website

Purchase Order Report

This free report will be available to all registered vendors, and depicts POs submitted by LDB for the specified vendor. The report will be refreshed daily, Monday through Friday and include data for the preceding 90 days. This report is found on the reports tab on our vendor website.

Pre-paid Subscriptions

Data subscriptions (SSDS) and sales reports are available to purchase by product, category, volume/dollars/units, by agent and supplier and liquor outlet. Standard and custom reports may also be purchased on request or by subscription. Please visit our subscriptions tab on the vendor website

Standard reports include:

  • Agent/Supplier SKU Sales Reports
  • Wholesale Electronic Price List (EPL)
  • Ranked Reports

Customer Order Reports available by Subscription

Customer Order Reports – Weekly: Available for a subscription fee to be determined by the External Data Services team. Extracted every Monday for the preceding week (Sunday to Saturday).
Details Report will provide Customer Orders received by LDB for a given vendor.
Summary Report presents a summarized view of the Customer Orders Details Report.
Customer Orders Report – Monthly: The Details Report and Summary Report will also be produced on the second Monday after each LDB Period, for a separate subscription fee.

Custom reports may also be arranged to suit your specific requirements. For more information contact a Business Information Officer at

New Products

New Products

Download a copy of our new products report to view SKUs that have received an "active" status within the past 30 days. Inventory for these products may not be available at this time and the wholesale price is not included. To view the wholesale price for these new products, log on to our wholesale pricing website.


  New Products


Top Sellers

Looking for the top selling products purchased by private retailers and hospitality customers from the WCC?

Available in Excel and published at the end of each LDB financial quarter, our reports show the top products in the spirits, wine, refreshment beverage and beer categories. Download the reports to view the top selling SKUs and the applicable date range.


  Top Selling Spirits

  Top Selling Wine and Sparkling

  Top Selling Refreshment Beverages

  Top Selling Beer


Product Listing Code Definitions

In B.C., all beverage alcohol products are defined by an LDB product listing code. Please download our listing code definition sheet to learn more about the codes we use for products sold in the province.

LDB Domestic Distributed Beer

Download the list of BC domestic beer available for distribution by the LDB.

Please note, products may be out-of-stock or moved to a different distribution channel since the list was posted. 

Private Distributors List

To order products sold directly by private breweries and distributors please contact the distributor directly and set up an account. A list of private breweries and distributors is provided below for your convenience.

Additional Resources

View our resources available for private retailers, suppliers/agents and licensed establishments:

Web Store

Wholesale Customer Centre