Become a New Agent

Interested in becoming an import agent?  Review our introduction overview prior to sending us a new import agent application package.

New Import Agent Application Package

Download the new import agent application package and follow the instructions on page two (2) of the application.

Should you have any questions during the application process, please contact our Vendor Relations Team at or 604-252-8700.

Agent Resource Guide & Process Map

An A-Z resource guide that covers the importation process, product registration, purchase orders, pricing, frequently used forms and how agents can utilize our LDB Wholesale Customer Centre.

CALJ Product Identification Standards and LDB Social Responsibility Label Regulations (Updated December 2018)

Updated for 2018/2019

CALJ Product Identification Standards for Use in the Distribution of Beverage Alochol

To ensure your product meets the federal requirements, please review and download the updated 2018 Canadian Association of Liquor Jurisdictions document outlining the Product Identification Standards for use in the Distribution of Beverage Alcohol.

Highlights of revisions made to the 2018 edition include:
• alignment of UCC/EAN definitions, terminologies and nomenclature with GS-1 and GTIN
• updated references and links to GS1 documents, standards and manuals
• adoption of GS1 GTIN allocation rules and conditions for reuse and reassignment of Item Numbers
• addition of hyperlinks to internal and external references
• removal of outed information and references
• document layout reformatted

LDB Social Responsibility Label Regulations

In addition, it is mandatory for all agents and suppliers to submit a product label photograph with all new packaged product registrations. Our Vendor Relations Team will review the label to ensure it meets the LDB's social responsibility criteria. The LDB Label Regulations for social responsibility is also available for download below. 

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I become an agent?

There are two (2) steps to becoming an import agent.

  1. Contact the Liquor Control Licensing Branch (LCLB) at 1-866-209-2111 or (250) 952-5787 to obtain a licence package.
  2. Once you have your agent licence number, view the introduction section and download the New Agent Application Package.

Please Note: You must have a supplier that has already authorized you to represent them.

How long does the application process take?

Once you are granted an agent licence from the LCLB, the LDB process time can vary but usually takes 2 weeks.

Are there any costs involved in becoming an agent?

There are no application fees to submit a new agents package to the LDB. However, there is fee to obtain an agents license from the LCLB.

Can more than one agent represent a supplier/product?

No. A letter of authorization states only one agent can represent a supplier (or a specific line of products).

I am looking for statistical information for provincial sales/specific categories. Where do I look?

There are various free sales publications available on our corporate website . You may also contact information services at  to purchase a report.

Do I need to supply product samples?

Samples are generally not required for product registration, but a sample may be requested by our Vendor Relations Team reviewing your registration.

How do I determine the price for my product(s)?

Please contact our Wholesale Pricing Team for assistance. They can be reached at or 604-252-8701.

If I receive a product registration approval, can I sell my products in BC Liquor Stores?

Once your product registration application has been approved, you can submit a listing application to BC Liquor Stores. The listing application will be reviewed by a BC Liquor Stores Category Manager who will approve or decline the application. 

Where do I mail my completed new agent application package?

Mail your completed package to:

Attention: New Import Agent Registration
LDB Wholesale Supply Chain
3383 Gilmore Way
Burnaby, B.C. V5G 4S1

We must receive all your completed documents in one package prior to our review.

Who can I contact in Wholesale Operations if I have further questions?

If you have any questions or concerns, contact our Vendor Relations Team at or call 604-252-8700.