Agent Order and Allocation Forms

WCC Agent Order Form

  • Looking to order a product for a tasting event, place a regular order at full price or order on behalf of a wholesale customer? The newly designed WCC Agent Order form is for you and now available for download from our vendor website.

Agent Allocation Form

  • If your product is permanently held on cross-dock, you can allocate your product by using the Agent Allocation Form. Download the form on our vendor website.
  • If your product is available for general order, please ask your customer to place an order from their supplying BC Liquor Store or through the Wholesale Customer Centre. 
CALJ Product Identification Standards and LDB Social Responsibility Label Regulations (Updated December 2018)

Updated for 2018/2019

CALJ Product Identification Standards for Use in the Distribution of Beverage Alochol

To ensure your product meets the federal requirements, please review and download the updated 2018 Canadian Association of Liquor Jurisdictions document outlining the Product Identification Standards for use in the Distribution of Beverage Alcohol.

Highlights of revisions made to the 2018 edition include:
• alignment of UCC/EAN definitions, terminologies and nomenclature with GS-1 and GTIN
• updated references and links to GS1 documents, standards and manuals
• adoption of GS1 GTIN allocation rules and conditions for reuse and reassignment of Item Numbers
• addition of hyperlinks to internal and external references
• removal of outed information and references
• document layout reformatted


LDB Social Responsibility Label Regulations

In addition, it is mandatory for all agents and suppliers to submit a product label photograph with all new packaged product registrations. Our Vendor Relations Team will review the label to ensure it meets the LDB's social responsibility criteria. The LDB Label Regulations for social responsibility is also available for download below. 

Guidelines for Short and Stale Dated Product (expired and best before dates)

In order to guarantee product quality for our customers, the Liquor Distribution Branch will adhere to the following guidelines when receiving and delivering perishable beverage alcohol products marked with expiry dates and best before dates:

Stale Dated Inventory

  • Beverage alcohol products shipped to the LDB distribution centres with less than three (3) months of shelf life remaining will not be accepted and will be returned to the agent/supplier warehouse.

Short Dated Inventory

  • If product is received with less than six (6) months shelf life remaining, the LDB reserves the right to return the un‐sold short* and stale dated product left in the LDB distribution centre(s).

*short dated product is defined as less than two (2) months of shelf life remaining. Both the expiry date and best before date displayed on the product/case will be treated as the expiry date. 

Inbound Pallet Specifications

Please download and review the LDB inbound pallet requirements.

LDB/CALJ Core Size Agreement

Guideline for Core Sizes of Spirit Products Less than Three (3) Litres

The BC Liquor Distribution Branch follows the Core Size Agreement, developed in conjunction with the Canadian Association of Liquor Jurisdictions (CALJ) for the registration of distilled spirits (excluding spirit based refreshment beverages).

Only standard core sizes may be registered for domestic and imported spirits and non‐spirits which bear spirit names (e.g. wine based schnapps and wine based cream liqueurs).

Standard core sizes for distilled spirits less than three litres are:

  • 50 ml
  • 200 ml
  • 375 ml
  • 750 ml
  • 1.14 litres
  • 1.75 litres

Standard core sizes for Duty Free distilled spirits products are:

  • 1 litre
  • 1.5 litres

There are limited exception cases where small quantities of a non‐standard bottle size may be approved for a registration. If an application for a non‐core size spirit is cancelled, Agents/Suppliers may request an exception by email to the LDB Wholesale Operations Vendor Relations Analyst team at

The exception request must clearly indicate how the product meets all of the criteria listed below.

1. The product is from a country where standard sizes are not available;
2. Other standard or non‐standard sizes of the same product are not already registered;
3. The product is premium priced which is defined as at least double the BCLDB floor price.

Please note, exceptions to standard core sizes are generally not granted for products in mainstream categories such as vodka, gin, rum and tequila.

LDB Financial Calendar (2019/2020)

Download our 2019-2020 financial calendar.

Product Registration Guides

Download our product registration guides specifically designed for agents and manufacturers. The guides walk through how to navigate the LDB product registration and activation process.

Return to Vendor Procedure

For various reasons, including quality control, products may be returned to domestic vendors or the 3rd import party warehouse. Domestic and import returns are handled differently, please take a moment to review the information below. 

Domestic Products
The LDB will inform the domestic vendor to pick-up the product from our warehouses within 10 days of notification. Should the product not be picked-up within the time frame allotted, the product will be destroyed at the vendor's cost.

Import Product
For imported product, the vendor and their 3rd party import warehouse will be notified by the LDB and the product will be transported back to the 3rd party import warehouse. 

Become an Import Agent

Interested in becoming an import agent? Looking for an resource guide? Check out our New Agents section.

CSP Products for HOS Customers Buying from BCLS

The BC Liquor Store retail chain has recently upgraded their systems.  As a result, hospitality customers (bars, restaurants, hotels etc.) that purchase directly from BC Liquor Stores are now required to be recorded in the Customer Specific Products (CSP) program. 

What’s changed?
Both the BC Liquor Store number and the hospitality customer number must now be on the CSP list for the order to be processed. 

What do I need to do to prepare for this change?
The LDB is asking you to review your portfolio for any customer-specific products that you sell to hospitality customers through BC Liquor Stores.

If your portfolio includes products restricted to hospitality customers that purchase from BC Liquor Stores, please submit a completed Authorization for Hospitality Customers to Purchase CSP from BC Liquor Stores form found on the LDB Vendor website

Please include the BC Liquor Store numbers on the list for the locations in which those customers shop.  Alternatively, adding “All BC Liquor Stores” to the list will enable the customer to purchase from all BC Liquor Store locations. The form can be emailed to

Donations to Charitable Events

Charities and non-profit organizations that have a Special Event Permit (SEP) may receive donations of liquor product(s) from agents and manufacturers. Please review the policy and other relevant information below.

Tasting Events Hosted by Out-of-Province Liquor Suppliers

Organizations that represent out-of-province liquor suppliers, as determined by the LDB, and that have a Special Event Permit, may purchase out-of-province liquor for use at tasting events at the wholesale price. Please review the policy and other relevant information below.