BTAP 2b implementation

The BC Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) is pleased to announce that the Business Technical Advisory Panel (BTAP) recommendation 2B has been implemented.

BTAP 2b enables manufacturers and agents to use any authorized private liquor warehouse (PLW) to both store and distribute import and out-of-province beer and kegged products within the current LDB distribution model, regardless of that PLWs association with suppliers. 

All import spirits, wine and refreshment beverages (excluding kegged product over 18 litres) will continue to be distributed by the LDB, but these products can now be stored by any authorized PLW, regardless of that PLWs association with suppliers.

Previously, PLWs with a manufacturers association were only permitted to store and distribute approved import product they had a manufacturers association with, or for which they were the appointed agent.

Due to the complexities involved, the process to change distribution channels requires multiple steps to implement. Prior to initiating the process, the LDB Wholesale Vendor Relations team requires a formal request directly from the manufacturer and/or authorized agent, which can be sent to:

With the implementation of BTAP 2b, the LDB looks forward to continuing to work closely with agents to follow a process that works for all stakeholders while upholding the existing policies and regulations of liquor distribution in the province. 

Please contact the LDB Wholesale Vendor Relations team at if you have any questions.