BTAP 5 implementation for sharing domestic beer sales data


The BC Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) is pleased to announce that domestic beer data will be included in the Suppliers Sales Data Service (SSDS) competitive sales reports starting August 2023. 

This work to expand the level of data sharing and reporting was completed in response to the Business Technical Advisory Panel (BTAP) 5 recommendation related to domestic beer sales data. Previously, only import beer sales data was made available to SSDS subscribers in consideration of an Information and Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia inquiry in 2000.

In addition to domestic sales data being added to the LDB’s subscription-based sales reports the SSDS Competitive Sales File Add-on report that provides BCLIQUOR store-level data has been updated to reflect the addition of domestic beer data and can continue to be subscribed to for an additional fee.  

Vendors who have questions or are interested in learning more are invited to review the Data Services section on the LDB Wholesale Operations website or contact the External Data Services (EDS) team directly at