Delayed deliveries due to weather and road conditions

Delayed deliveries due to weather and road conditions

Due to yesterday’s heavy snowfall and its impact on road conditions in the Lower Mainland, the majority of wholesale customer orders from the LDB’s Delta Distribution Centre (DDC) will be delayed.

We are working closely with our freight carriers to deliver shipments as quickly as possible; however, we expect that deliveries will continue to be delayed through the week.

While the LDB Liquor Wholesale Customer Centre will continue to reach out directly to impacted customers, we are unable to provide estimated delivery windows at this time.

Orders coming directly from the LDB’s Kamloops Distribution Centre are currently on schedule; however, most of these orders will not contain the portion of product that comes from DDC due to current delays.

With the continued snowfall advisory across much of the province, we will continue to provide updates on the status of deliveries.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience.