Empty Pallet Return Reminder

As part of the BC Liquor Distribution Branch’s (LDB) commitment to being environmentally responsible and sustainable in its operations, LDB Wholesale Operations would like to remind wholesale customers who receive deliveries from the LDB of the LDB pallet return policy: that empty pallets are to be returned in the same condition that they were received on the next scheduled delivery.

The LDB pallet return policy is more important than ever given the current lumber supply challenges and the environmental impact of not reusing pallets, as they are not made from recycled materials.

Full details on the pallet return policy are in the LDB Wholesale Customer Handbook available here. Please note that we can only collect LDB pallets. Any pallets marked with BDL, Molson or Labatts belong to BDL and should not be returned to the LDB.

Thank you for doing your part in reviewing the pallet return policy and returning your empty pallets in the same condition that they were received on your next scheduled delivery.