Update on On-Boarding and Off-Boarding Model

As announced on August 20, 2021, the BC Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) Wholesale Operations team began implementation of the on-boarding / off-boarding model for LDB distributed products and has been working with eligible vendors currently on the LDB distribution waitlist to initiate on-boarding. This new process for SKU management is designed to improve supply chain efficiencies by moving consistent higher volume product into our distribution centres when there is available space and reducing the number of slower-moving stocked products.

Full details of the on-boarding / off-boarding model and updated FAQs are available here and important updates are noted below for ease of reference.


On-boarding criteria:

The on-boarding / off-boarding model is SKU-specific and product sales must meet the following criteria to be considered for on-boarding when there is available space in the LDB distribution centres:

  • Wine and spirits: 5 or more cases each week, for at least 9 out of the most recent 12 financial periods
  • Beer and refreshment beverages: 25 or more cases each week, for at least 9 out of the most recent 12 financial periods


Vendors with LDB distributed products:

Please note that vendors with LDB distributed products under the previous “all or nothing model” must also meet the on-boarding criteria for new products. This means that any new non-seasonal SKUs will need to be direct delivered until they meet the minimum sales criteria required for the LDB on-boarding process. 

Once the SKUs meet the minimum on-boarding criteria, and vendors would like to apply for LDB distribution, vendors will need to add these SKUs to the waitlist available on the vendor resource page of the LDB Wholesale Operations website. Registrations will be evaluated in the order of those already received on the waitlist.

Waitlist for LDB distribution:

Vendors with direct delivered SKUs that meet the on-boarding criteria but are not yet waitlisted can add their eligible SKUs to the waitlist by downloading and completing the waitlist template available in the vendor resource section of the LDB Wholesale Operations website and emailing it to ldbagentinfo@bcldb.com.

We appreciate the patience of vendors currently on the waitlist for LDB distribution and not yet contacted by the LDB Wholesale Supply Chain. The team is currently evaluating SKUs for onboarding in order of those already on the waitlist.

Vendors with eligible NSWP SKUs do not need to complete the waitlist template as they will be contacted by the LDB Wholesale team directly to be considered for on-boarding.

Interim Seasonal SKU Program:

During the transition to the new SKU-specific model, vendors that currently rely on LDB distribution for their products may apply for LDB distribution for seasonal products within the framework of the on-boarding/off-boarding model. This means there must be space available in the distribution centre and the product must meet the minimum weekly sales criteria for on-boarding (25 cases of beer/refreshment beverage or 5 cases of wine/spirits).  

The intent of the interim seasonal SKU program is to provide vendors with products currently distributed by the LDB with access to LDB distribution for seasonal SKUs, for a defined period of time (typically less than six months). Vendors with LDB distributed products who are interested in the seasonal products program may discuss the details with their assigned demand planner.

Please note that the interim seasonal products program is only available to vendors who currently have LDB distributed products and is dependent on available space in the distribution centre. This temporary program will be reviewed and is subject to change in the new year.