UPDATE: Temporary receiving delays into LDB warehouse continue for some import products

BC Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) Wholesale Operations reminds customers that on-going delays continue to impact some regular stock and non-stocked wholesale products (NSWP) coming into the LDB warehouse.

Our agent warehouse partner, Container World (CW), remains two days behind schedule on regular stock products.  Additionally, a small number of NSWP Purchase Orders date back as far as April 11th, which have yet to be processed. In an effort to reduce delivery delays, CW informs LDB that it is working through the upcoming weekend.

This means that customers may continue to experience delays on some import products, both regular and non-stocked wholesale products.

We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we continue to work with our agent warehouse partner to provide the necessary support to bring delivery timelines back to standard.

Key product shortages and supplier stock outs can be referenced here.

We will continue to keep customers updated on this situation and look forward to providing a timeline for the resolution of these issues.