Customer Application & Information Change Form

Effective August 8, 2016, the LDB Wholesale Customer Centre (WCC) has launched a new Customer Application & Information Change form. The new form has a re-designed look,  streamlined functionality and replaces the existing New Customer Application form.

Benefits of the new Customer Application and Information Change form are:

  1. The new form easily and effortlessly allows customers that are not currently ordering through the WCC to submit their application along with a shipping and billing address, their preferred order method and instructions on how to submit a method of payment to our Finance department.
  2. For customers already ordering through the WCC, the form can be used to conveniently change business information, shipping and billing addresses and if customers are placing orders by email or phone, they can review the benefits of ordering on Web Store.

The form is now available on the resources page.


Thank you,


The Wholesale Customer Centre